What We Are Looking For

We look for opportunities to help long-term oriented organizations grow, and have the following areas of emphasis.

Higher Education

We believe the next two decades will be a time of tremendous transformation as universities evolve to meet the needs of a vastly underserved global population and bring technology into the heart of academic delivery.   

We have decades of experience in global higher education.   In particular, we are very familiar with the dynamics of building 'hybrid' universities and colleges that maintain traditional academic values and quality, adhere to regulatory and structural requirements, yet can access the capital, technology and innovative practices needed to grow.   

In this regard, we are interested in:

  • Early stage initiatives that are already successfully delivering a high-quality academic curriculum to students on-ground or online, but require assistance with growing and scaling  
  • Organizations of any size in international education that are natural extensions of our existing universities, colleges or other educational organizations.   Leaders in certain programs or geographies are often a logical fit
  • Joint venture or strategic partners in higher education that expand our footprint    


Within the technology space, we are mostly interested in businesses that technology-enable or improve on traditional workflows to deliver cost or informational breakthroughs.   We were very early proponents of SaaS and cloud-based architectures and continue to have that orientation.

Within technology, we are interested in: 

  • Seed stage or early stage investment opportunities in SaaS platforms focused on education, online media or ERP/workflow
  • While we have occasionally made Series A-sized investments in technology, we are more differentiated in our tolerance for extremely early/angel stage businesses or concepts requiring seed stage investments ($25K to $1M)
  • Highly entrepreneurial managers and sales leaders, with vertical industry expertise, with hypotheses on how they can adapt workflow or media within their field

Eastern Mediterranean

  • We have deep business roots in Cyprus and a sophisticated understanding of the business environment there and in the surrounding regions (Greece, Balkans, North Africa, Middle East)
  • We will opportunistically invest in this region, across categories such as real estate, energy, media and tourism

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