Sun Project Blackbox

Datacenter in a shipping container. Sun Project Blackbox

Totally self-contained.

The Project Blackbox prototype is a computing powerhouse capable of hosting a configuration that would place it among the top 200 fastest supercomputers globally

Capable of 147 Teraflops, 10,000 simulataneous desktop users, 7 terabytes of RAM, 1.5 petabytes of HDD

Sun, for a company that spends every other half-decade on the ropes, has always been an innovator. This thing is legitimately cool.

Who wins with this thing? Large corps primarily. Sun CEO has the scoop

Who loses? Data center operators (I guess), Google (in some highly theoretical sense in that it might be easier to build a datacenter, but Google is so far ahead in their homegrown application virtualization platform that I doubt this is meaningful)

This project has been the subject of ongoing rumors re: Googlenet since Eric S. is from Sun.

The thought process? Google plants these around country, links its dark fiber, voila, you have an ISP competitor. I have never seen credible analysis of whether or not this is an economically reasonable exercise. Google denies that this thought has crossed their mind (of course).

But that is a story for another day: Google v. the ISPs re: net neutrality.

Posted on October 24, 2006 and filed under Robots Are Our Future.