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I'm back

After 2.5 years gone from this blog. I appear to be back. As some of you know, for 18 months of that time, I was buried in the most complex transaction of my life in Cyprus and somehow, after a break of several months, I was never able to get it back to writing.

Something clicked today.   I think I will be back.    I have a lot to catch up on.

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I'm Back

I apologize for the long delay from As many of my close friends know, I have been absolutely buried work-wise. One of my friends pointed out in the Fall - these are such dramatic days in finance, why aren't you posting?

This is probably a weak excuse, but to some degree, what need is there to post when suddenly we are watching A-class financial drama on a daily basis?

I have continued to post some of the more interesting articles of my daily reading to

However, it is that time of year again and wanted to do a few things:

1) How did last year's predictions do?

2) Take a stab at this year's predictions

3) Try to put some context on the year-in-review (we'll see if this happens)

4) Try to give a more detailed updated on the personal side.

Anyway, onward with Part 1 which will be the subject of the next post!

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Galis European Championship vs. Russia, 1987

The most common response to my mega Greece basketball post was: "I didn't know about this Galis guy" Youtube to the rescue with a highlight reel of the 1987 European Championship.

It starts off slow and the editing is all cheese, but check out: 2:37, 2:53, 4:42, the latter two being totally ridiculous for a guy his size. (and at 1:37, you also see the current Greek coach and Galis's teammate, Giannakis).


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