Modestly funny VC joke from PE HUB

Maybe you’ve heard this joke before, in one format or another, but, I have to say, it always cracks me up… A New Associate arrives early Monday morning to the VC firm where he is to begin work. His watch reads 6:24am. The front door failed to respond to his attempts to turn it.

He knocks. No answer.

He waits patiently, clutching the stack of newspapers previously strewn on the floor outside the front door. He wants to make a good impression. Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Mercury News, Financial Times.  It doesn't occur to him to crack one open to read while he waits. He hasn't read a hardcopy newspaper. Ever. He was a child of the Internet. But he understands that the old guys still liked the feel of newsprint — and he sure wants to impress the old guys.

Time passed.

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Posted on November 6, 2006 and filed under Finance.