If we attack Iran

Interesting article about what might happen if we attack Iran. I have nowhere near enough military insight to know if this is plausible or not:

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- The third and final act in the U.S. national tragedy that is the Bush administration may soon play itself out.

Sources indicate increasing indications of 'something big' happening between the Nov. 7 congressional election and Christmas. That could be the long-planned attack on Iran.

An attack on Iran will not be an invasion with ground troops. We don`t have enough of those left to invade Ruritania. It will be a 'package' of air and missile strikes, by U.S. forces or Israel.


The danger arises because almost all of the vast quantities of supplies American armies need come into Iraq from one direction, up from Kuwait and other Gulf ports in the south. If that supply line is cut, our forces may not have enough stuff, especially fuel, to get out of Iraq. American armies are incredibly fuel-thirsty, and though Iraq has vast oil reserves, it is short of refined oil products. Unlike German World War Gen. Heinz Guderian`s army on its way to the Channel coast in 1940, we could not just fuel up at local gas stations.


If the United States were to lose the army it has in Iraq, to Iraqi militias, Iranian regular forces, or a combination of both (the most likely event), the world would change. It would be our Adrianople, our Rocroi, our Stalingrad. American power and prestige would never recover.

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Posted on November 7, 2006 and filed under Global Economy.