Major Publisher Selects .tv for video channel

Nothing dramatic here, but part of what will become a steady stream of corporate .tv initiatives over the next 2 years. Disclosure: we own one of the largest portfolios of .tv domains in the world via so I am obviously cheerleading for the extension right now. Thanks Mark for the tip.

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Publishing giant Meredith Corp. has launched its first broadband network,

The online video network takes its content from Meredith's stable of magazines including Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies' Home Journal, More, Family Circle, Parents and Fitness, as well as its TV stations, books, Web sites and live events.

The broadband site, which launched this week, hosts more than 20 "channels" arranged by topic, from food, family and relationships to remodeling, entertainment and fitness. Meredith is selling ad space on in tandem with its other interactive properties, especially, the Web site for Better Homes & Gardens.

Meredith also has bundled into its corporate package that lets advertisers buy space and time across all its properties. So far, its sales push within that corporate package has been “minimal,” since the sales team hasn’t had anything to show advertisers about until now, said Jack Bamberger, Meredith’s senior vice president of corporate sales and marketing.

Posted on April 11, 2007 and filed under Online Media.