China to invest in Blackstone

You don't see that every day. Of course the historic track record of cash rich foreigners investing in prestigious US assets is mixed (see: Japanese, late 80s)

China has agreed to take a $3 billion stake in U.S. private-equity giant Blackstone Group, which marks an unusually aggressive start to the country's long-anticipated campaign to diversify how it invests massive foreign-exchange reserves.

Under the terms of the deal, a soon-to-be-established state foreign-exchange investment company will buy nonvoting shares in Blackstone, according to a joint press release. The move comes as private-equity firms have faced problems ramping up their own investments in China. The state investment company agreed not to sell the shares for four years. According to a person briefed on the deal, the investment company also agreed not to invest in a competing private-equity firm for one year. At the end of the four-year lock-up period, the company may begin selling one-third of its shares a year.

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Posted on May 20, 2007 and filed under Finance.