Today's Best Links

I am going to try a new format for now since my posting has declined dramatically. Lots more posts showing interesting links. Fewer but more meaningful written articles. We'll see how this goes and we will probably reorganize a bit over time.

Recession is now inevitable (Roubini)

The last shoe to drop for recession (Roubini, more recent) Financial implications of Software as a Service From Paul Kedrosky.

Putting Privilege into Perspective (WSJ)

Option ARM map of misery (Businessweek) We've shown it before. Just a reminder to look at California!

Auto sales decline (Calculated Risk)

Corporate Defaults to rise (no-kidding!) (Calculated Risk)

Consumer Delinquencies Highest since last recession (Calculated Risk)

Marsh to reorganize (long needed, stock languishing but great underlying asset in insurance brokerage) From NY Times Company Announcement

Economists looking for a bunker to hide in (WSJ econ blog)

Deals not closing (what a surprise)!

Posted on January 4, 2008 and filed under Finance.