Another How-To instructional site

From TechCrunch Boy, $8M is a lot of money for this type of early stage thing (they couldn't have done it with say $3M to start? I guess it is time to "scale fast" again...) Still one of these how-to sites will be a big winner

The site is launching with professionally-shot instructional videos on everything from “How to Paint a Wall” (see embed below) and “How to Groom Your Cat” to “How to Get Laid.” There is a familiar formula for each one: The Howcast graphic, an intro explaining what you’ll need for the task at a hand, and step-by-step instructions explained in a voiceover. The video player on the site lets you jump to different chapters or steps, lets you zoom in for a better look, and provides the transcript as well. Viewers can add comments in the form of tips, warnings, and facts to each video. And the Flash-based site lets you browse the video directory on the left hand side while you are watching a video without interrupting it or going to a different page.

Posted on February 6, 2008 and filed under Online Media.