Joe Wiesenthal in Athens

Joe Wiesenthal is the famously workaholic financial journalist / Deputy Editor at Henry Blodget''s

Joe Weisenthal wakes up around 4 a.m. most weekdays, afraid that in the five or six hours he has been sleeping, something happened that could move financial markets. His alarm is his cellphone, and after he silences it so that his wife can sleep, he rolls from bed and starts to type, still in his pajamas, in the darkness of his apartment at the edge of the Financial District. And the first thing he types, the first of about 150 daily messages he posts on Twitter, is almost always this: “What’d I miss?”

A few days ago, he went to Athens to get a first hand view of the financial drama and presumably not have a second delay in reporting the elections, the crisis and the possible collapse.      Fair enough.

But a few days into Athens, there are some uncharacteristic postings starting to emerge:

"Athens-in-crisis:  Well, it is actually pretty sweet - we are chilling by the pool and the view is fantastic!"

"Athens-in-Crisis - Boy, the Acropolis is pretty nice, huh"

"Athens-in-Crisis - it is time for a "Frappe""

"Athens-in-Crisis - We just won our Euro match and I am partying on a motorcycle"

Given that I split my time between Manhattan and Cyprus, I know this drill 100%

I think as of now, we have to score this as:

Mediterranean Sun: 1 vs. The Workaholic 24 Hour News Cycle: 0

Careful Henry - if you let him stay too long, you might never get him back!

Posted on June 16, 2012 and filed under Greece.