Intro to Bitcoin in 30 Minutes

I am often asked for information about what the decentralized asset ledger at the heart of bitcoin actually means.  

For a non-technical person trying to get a general sense of the broader opportunity that the tech world sees in bitcoin, reading the following would be a good start.   You would get the general gist in about 30 minutes.

General Context
Good context setting if you read the quick 4 part blog series.
By Jeremy Allaire (formerly CEO Brightcove, Macromedia)

Bitcoin as a Platform/Protocol
By Albert Wenger (partner, Union Square Ventures)
By Naval Ravikant (Founder, Angellist)

Excellent Description of "Mining" of Bitcoin
About as clear and non-technical as it can be made.  I love the characterization of mining as competitive bookkeeping.

Broader Applications of BTC
Interview with Richard Brown (executive architect, IBM) 
12:29 minutes

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Posted on December 19, 2013 and filed under Global Economy.