More Good News on .tv

professional domaineers starting to take notice... Article 1:

From (top 2 domain aftermarkets)

from "Domain Names in 2007" newsletter

In addition to retailing, the internet is coming on strong as a means for delivering media. I subscribe to three podcasts and wish that I had time to keep up with a few others. With more programming available online everyday, .tv is gaining popularity and value. This is one commercialized ccTLD that people understand. I am interested to see whether people begin using mobile devices for watching online programming and whether .tv or .mobi will benefit if mobile media goes mainstream.

Article 2:

From Domain Name, the leading (only?) journal covering the domain industry. This is particularly notable since the editor has historically been a bit of a skeptic re: .tv

This is from their Predictions for 2007

“We will also see even more clearly the intersection of the domain name space and the media space,” Stahura said. “Take .tv for example. With the explosion of video content on the Internet, I think we will see the .tv top level domain grow the most compared to other TLDs.” Of course, Stahura now has a special interest in .tv since registry owner Verisign turned management of that extension over to eNom in the final quarter of 2006.

However, Stahura isn’t alone in predicting better things for .tv. Those who were at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East conference in Hollywood, Florida in October will remember keynote speaker Tom Gardner of the Motley Fool predicting .tv would be the sleeper hit of 2007 (a pronouncement greeted with stunned disbelief by his audience, but one that now seems prescient to some

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