The bitcoin series - Table of Contents

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Part 1:  Background and some fallacies that repeat in the media.

1.       Bitcoin is a major technical achievement

2.       Decentralization is the key characteristic of bitcoin

3.       Bitcoin would be a terrible national currency (and why that doesn’t matter)

4.       Is bitcoin a currency or an asset?

5.       What are the elements of valuing bitcoin?

6.       Intrinsic value - It is not that simple

7.       How is bitcoin a store of value?

8.       Who is investing in bitcoin today?

9.       Five reasons bitcoin is currently volatile and why it does not matter

10.   Why the $7M pizza does not matter (aka how to transact in bitcoin)

Part 2 and beyond will deal with future and potential applications of bitcoin and will be more open in approach.

11.  Digital currency will be a winner-take-all game

12.  Sideshow:  Krugman and bitcoin

13. Only the Fed can make a Dollarcoin

14. Our robot overlords will use bitcoin

15. The discontinuity that is bitcoin (aka the day bitcoin moved my cheese)

16. So you want a bitcoin, eh? (with really pathetic PPT graphics)

17. Bitcoin loves our freedoms

18. Why bitcoin miners aren't incented to 51% attack

19. Bizarre shadowy paper-based payments system to be rolled out worldwide (or how cash would be described in the press if invented today)

20. The Full-Proof Press Release Kit for [Your Country]

21.  Retirement Plan and IRA Investment in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

22. Bitcoin valuation for dummies

23. Bitcoin disclaimer

24. The Mega-Master Blockchain List

25. IRS Tax Guidance - Transacting With Commodity Money

26. The 'Polemitis Impossible Trinity'

27. Bitcoin - A 6-Sided Market and Network Effect

28. Sidechains

29. Why Do We Mine Bitcoins?

30. Hashing Power and Difficulty

31. Cost of a 51% attack against Bitcoin vs. a traditional ledger

32. I rented a NYC apartment with Bitcoin and I liked it

33. FedCoin, revisited

34. Oracles, Oracles, Oracles and Oracles again

35. How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Hashing Rates

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Posted on December 28, 2013 and filed under Bitcoin.